Thursday, August 27, 2009

MURDER AT LONGBOURN by Tracy Kiely (Minotaur)

Every so often a new author comes along with a book that propels the reader along from beginning to end. Such is the case here. Fans of Jane Austen have already latched on to it—both the protagonist and others in the story are big Austen fans who quote her often, but for story form, I think the style is straight from Georgette Heyer. The situations are similar to Heyer's Regency books, but the content is definitely 21st century.

Elizabeth Parker faces the New Year without her two-timing boyfriend so she accepts an invitation to a murder mystery party at Great Aunt Winnie's new Cape Cod B&B. There she meets a drop dead gorgeous Englishman, a couple who own a New York antiques business, and her childhood nemesis, Peter McGowan. Guests at the party include the nasty millionaire who covets Winnie's B&B, his trophy wife and his cold daughter as well as two septuagenarian women-one wealthy, one poor.

Mystery readers will not be surprised when the murder party turns real. They will, however, enjoy the entertaining rest of the story. This debut has "Agatha" written all over it!

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