Saturday, February 20, 2010

MINT JULEPS, MAYHEM, AND MURDER by Sara Rosett (Kensington)

Although this is the fifth book in the Ellie Avery Mystery series, it is the first I have read. It is a great “Mommy cozy” mystery. Ellie is a military wife, mother and part-time professional organizer (cleaning up clutter…not rallying the troops!). Her husband’s commander is murdered and the police naturally think the wife did it. The wife is Ellie’s friend and asks for her help. The clues point to several suspects, including the wife. Ellie’s husband has several “accidents” and it becomes apparent that he is also the target of a killer. Is it the same killer and if so why? Ellie uncovers clues as she goes about her part-time job and while attending military social gatherings. The reader gets a first-hand look at into the lives of military families. I look forward to reading some of the earlier books in this series.

Review by Helen Jones
FTC full disclosure - book provided by the publisher

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