Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Skeleton in the Attic by Leigh Perry

Many families have a skeleton in their closet. You know, the family member who was a thief, an alcoholic, a rapist, or a schizophrenic. People hide them so that their own good reputation isn't tarnished by admitting that we all have a dark side. Georgia Thackery's family is one who has a skeleton, not in their closet, but in the attic, where he enjoys reading and other pursuits usually reserved for the living. This family has given him a name and keeps him hidden for his own sake. Sid, walks and talks, makes bad jokes that aren't funny, but generally he is a good guy. Oh, yeah, they know he's a he. What they don't know is who he was before he dead. 

Georgia is an adjunct professor at the same college where her parents teach. They are on sabbatical and Georgia has moved back home for awhile. She is a single mom with a daughter, Madison, a bright 14-year old. They are happy to live here and reconnect with Georgia's sister. Georgia has known Sid almost her whole life and he is actually her best friend. Well, Sid talks Georgia into attending an anime convention, disguised as......what else?.......a skeleton !  Don't know what an anime is? The book will explain. 

While at the convention, Sid sees a woman who triggers vague memories of his past, and he is determined to find out who he is and how he died. He needs Georgia's help and their adventures are worth discovering. Needless to say, there's a killer on the loose, and the
mystery leads Sid and Geogia on a chase that could be lethal. Luckily, Sid has abilities as well as a sterling character that leads to an ending that isn't easily figured.
This is a fun read and before you go making assumptions about skeletons that walk and talk—think about it !!
—Dian Esterly

FTC Disclosure: This book was provided by the publisher.

Editor's secret: Leigh Perry is a pseudonym for my good friend and North Carolina native Toni L. P. Kelner. As Dian indicates, she's still got her funny (dare I say it?) bone!

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