Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keep No Secrets by Julie Compton (Fresh Fork Publishing)

If you liked Jillian Flynn's Gone Girl, read until 4AM to finish it, Keep No Secrets is its equal. Here's the portrait of a modern marriage caught in the balance of careers, demands of raising children, and just keeping your head when your world comes apart. Keep No Secrets is a shell game of who is the hero, whois the villain. Compton's skill as a writer in her third novel keeps the reader's sympathies on a seesaw. Who is telling what lies? Who is keeping the most and biggest and worst secret of all?   

A fantastic read!

--Ruth Moose
FTC Disiclaimer: This book was provided by the publisher.

Ruth Moose won the St. Martin-Minotaur-Malice Domestic Award for Best First Novel in May. Her debut mystery, Doin' It at the Dixie Dew will hit shelves next spring from Minotaur.

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