Thursday, June 10, 2010

61 Hours by Lee Child (Delacorte Press)

Needing a lift, Jack Reacher talked his way onto a bus of elderly sightseers when the bus skids on a snowy highway. Now he is stuck in Bolton, South Dakota in the middle of a snow storm under unusual circumstances: The police department has the town in a virtual lockdown. They're coping with a potential riot at a Federal prison five miles away, protecting a witness to a methamphetamine transaction, and dealing with a biker gang which is apparently the source of the drugs. Further, the whole situation may be controlled by an international gangster. When the attorney who is the go-between between the bikers and the cartel is murdered, it's obvious that time is running out.

Jack Reacher fans know the pace of the story will be non-stop and heart pounding. Fans of Child never have to be convinced, but neophytes will definitely enjoy a good summer read!

--Stephen Bank

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