Wednesday, June 23, 2010

MAMA GETS HITCHED by Deborah Sharp (Midnight Ink)

If the third book in a series is sometimes a curse, this time it's definitely a charm! Every time I had to stop reading, I was tugged back by Mama and her three girls—Maddie, Mace, and Marty. You'll guess from the title that Mama is getting married, but you probably won't be prepared for the wedding straight from Gone with the Wind, the body in the VFW Hall, the new Yankee invasion, and the gators. The close-knit Florida family is charming, if a little wacky; the crime is plausible; and the story fast-paced and funny.

Mace Bauer is an outdoorsy woman uninterested in frills. She's bending over backward to help her sisters make their mother's fifth wedding special. Unfortunately, Mace discovers a body while looking for the caterer who's late for a meeting. Having an on-again-off-again boyfriend isn't a great deal of help to Mace in her sleuthing—he's tight-lipped about ongoing investigations. Said on-again-off-again relationship suffers when Tony, a gorgeous Ivy League hunk enters the picture and targets Mace. (He's part of the Yankee invasion.)

Take a few hours to spend in Himmarshee, Florida with Mace and the gang. This is one trip that will go off without a hitch!


Deborah Sharp said...

Woo-hoo, MsMstry! You made my day with this nice review.

I'm thrilled when I learn that someone enjoyed one of my Mace Bauer Mysteries. When I left journalism, what I set out to do was showcase a little-known side of Florida, and provide folks with a couple of hours of entertainment. Happy to know HITCHED hit the mark for you.

Author Deborah Sharp

Msmstry said...

And I can't wait to add "Mama" to my library talks! We resume in September.