Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JUSTICE IN JUNE by Barbara Levenson (Oceanview Publishing)

Miami defense attorney, Mary Magruder Katz, is involved three different cases. The first involves Criminal Court Judge Liz Maxwell who is being investigated by the State Attorney’s office for dismissing cases involving Miami’s drug traffic. Mary has to take some risks that put her in danger of losing her law practice and her life.

The second case involves Luis Corona, a family friend of her hot boyfriend, Carlos. Luis is accused of being a terrorist and disappears into the home security black hole. Word gets out that Mary is defending a terrorist which leads to threats and loss of clients.

The third case involves her boyfriend. Carlos is a builder and he is being sued by condo owners. Carlos and his entire family expect her to resolve the law suit without any damage to his reputation. The characters are interesting and the suspense builds as Mary juggles these three cases. This is a light mystery with a surprise ending.

--Helen Jones

FTC Disclosure - This book was provided by the publisher.

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