Friday, January 25, 2013

Evil in All Its Disguises by Hilary Davidson (Forge)

In the third book in the Lily Moore travel journalist, series Lily joins a group on an all-expense paid trip to Acapulco. Unfortunately, the city has fallen on hard times with a rising crime rate and infiltration of drug cartels. The luxury hotel where the group will stay is in a remote location and has very few guests. Upon arrival, Lily meets an old friend and fellow journalist, Skye McDermott. Skye is very upset about a broken relationship with a man she claims is involved in illegal activity, but she will not name him. She plans to expose his company to get revenge. Skye disappears and the staff refuses to contact the police saying the police are corrupt. 

Lily discovers the hotel is owned by her ex-boyfriend whom she suspects is involved. The manager's claim that there are no other guests because the hotel is being renovated does not make sense because there is no construction being done. The manager also claims that the hotel is booked solid for the next year, but all the shops are closed. Lily wants to leave the hotel but is afraid if she leaves no one will look for Skye. When Lily does try to leave she discovers that she is the bait in a deadly trap and is faced with some terrible choices.

The story has unsavory characters, twisted relationships, and hidden agendas. While it’s not essential to read the series in order, in this case, I recommend it. The first is Damage Done, the second is The Next One To Fall.

—Helen Jones

FTC Disclosure—This book was provided by the publisher.

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