Thursday, May 21, 2009

KILLER KEEPSAKES by Jane K. Cleland (Minotaur)

Having grown up in a house full of antiques, I guess I'm a sucker for this delightful "Antiques Roadshow" series. I really wish I could visit Prescott's Antiques and Appraisals in person, but reading about it doesn't take nearly as much walking! Jodie's personal life is steady, business is prospering, her staff is knowledgeable and dependable. Suddenly, however, Gretchen, the office manager doesn't appear for work the first day after her vacation—nor the next. When a body turns up in Gretchen's apartment, Josie realizes she doesn't know as much about Gretchen as she should.

It turns out that folks researching antiques are just as good at researching people. The team puts forth a concerted effort to both find Gretchen and to solve the murder.

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