Tuesday, May 05, 2009

TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET by Beth Groundwater (Five Star)

When Claire Hanover's ski vacation goes bad, it really goes bad! First, she and husband Roger are barely missed by a reckless snowboarder, then their daughter's friend has a horrible accident on the slopes. Local authorities don't seem interested in Claire's assertions that either the snowboarder or the skier who made an extra set of tracks in the snow near the accident could have caused the young woman to ski into a tree.

Tragedy continues to mar the vacation, but Claire is determined to get to the bottom of the trouble, all the while guarding her daughter from further incidents. Claire is a relentless investigator, willing to move 'way out of her comfort zone but also willing to call for and accept help from professionals.

Groundwater follows her Agatha-nominated debut with a solid mystery that should broaden her fan base.


Sheila Deeth said...

The more I read about Beth's books, the more I'd like to read one.

Msmstry said...

Well, Sheila, there's good news! Five Star publishers target libraries. Ask for Beth's books at your local library.

Beth Groundwater said...

Or, even better, if you've got the $ and would like to own keepsake copies, order my books at your favorite neighborhood bookstore or buy them online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble! ;)