Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Haunting Dream by Joyce & Jim Lavene (Berkley)

Who wouldn't want to know about the people in a small town on the North Carolina coast called Duck? It's a charming town, as it turns out, with the usual variety of citizens in any town or community plus some quirky characters that make the story more interesting. The characters are mostly likable, if quirky. Dae O'Donnell, first mayor of this newly-incorporated town is a woman who has visions and a gift for finding lost things or people. She runs a store named Missing Pieces because she truly cares about the things in it—many are antiques. Her gift for finding lost things leads her to murder in this paranormal mystery. The plot is convincingly convoluted and fun, as well as mysterious, since her gift changes during the course of trying to find the murderer. 

Her fiance's "ex" turns up after a stint in a psychiatric hospital.  She, too, has a gift and unlike Dae, has been trained all of her life to turn her visions into helpful advice for the FBI's challenging cases. Of course, her appearance complicates her romantic life with Kevin, but Dae and Anne have to pull together to try to find a little 6-year-old girl who's gone   missing after her father was murdered.

Meanwhile, Dae is running a campaign for re-election against a jerk called Mad Dog. Obviously, he's stupid and mean and arrogant, but some people in this charming town actually like him! It does make you wonder !

This is a good read, made better if you like small towns on the coast, North Carolina, and women who stick to their intuitive guns while making a difference.

—Dian Esterly

FTC Disclosure — This book was provided by the publisher

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