Thursday, March 07, 2013

WHAT A GHOUL WANTS by Victoria Laurie (Berkley)

Now this book is good. The setting is northern Wales—in a haunted castle ! WOO-HOO and WOO-WOO ! It's creepy book filled with evil that M.J. Holliday has to battle. She has an unusual ability, of course. She can talk to the dead. She and her cohorts have a ghost-hunting  cable TV show about ghouls. She and her friends just may be in over their heads at Kidwella Castle which is haunted by the Grim Widow who allegedly drowns unsuspecting guests in the moat. 

Soon after M.J. and her friends arrive, two bodies are found in the moat—frightening castle guests and cast alike. They realize they are dealing with an evil ghost who captures her victims and chains them to her for eternity. It is M.J.'s goal to free them so they can go to the light and cross over to the place they are meant to be. Doing this means that M. J. and her staff have to put themselves in very real danger where their lives are in the balance. The local inspector suspects a serial father-son duo, but M. J. thinks he is wrong. In order to catch the real murderer she has to dive deep into the castle's past and bring long-buried secrets to the surface.

The plot is thick, convoluted, and good. The characters are well-developed and real. This is a thrilling and chilling story that surprised me with its magnetism. It's also dotted with fun and human flaws which deliver believability.

A good, creepy read.

—Dian Esterly
FTC Disclosure—This book was provided by the publisher.

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