Thursday, March 07, 2013

Bewitched, Bothered, and Biscotti by Bailey Cates (Berkley)

Here's another magical bakery mystery with new witch, Katie Lightfoot. She's just discovered her witchiness and is experimenting with her abilities in the magical kingdom. She is living the good life in Savannah as part-owner of an enchanted bakery with her aunt Lucy and uncle Ben. She loves everything about her new life of freedom and the coven (operating as a book club as far as the general public is concerned) of which she's a part. She and Declan, a handsome fireman who is in love with her, are on a breakfast picnic in the park when she discovers a dead man. YIKES!  

The dead man was a member of  a small secret society of Druids who was identified by a strange tattoo. The hunt for a missing object—and the reason for his murder—takes readers on a not- so-merry but interesting chase and entrance into the dark and frightening world of black magic. When another corpse is found the chauvinistic Drogohs accept the help of the witchy women because they need all the power they can muster to overcome the evil murderer in a remote cemetery at midnight.

The characters in this series are quirky and delightful and all are amusingly portrayed. The bakery is the magnet for all sorts of usual and unusual activities.  

The book is a blend of suspense, romance, and even familiars that provide insights into interspecies communication; the paranormal becomes quite normal as these delightful witches use their unusual abilities to solve crimes. 

Enjoyable and fun !

—Dian Esterly
FTC Disclaimer—This book was provided by the publisher.

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