Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Peach Pies and Alibis by Ellery Adams (Berkley)

The Charmed Pie Shoppe is in the town of Havenwood, Georgia, thus the peach inference. Ella Mae laces her pies with enchantments, but she is new to her unusual talents and is still experimenting and discovering their extent. Everyone in Ella Mae's family of women have different atypical skills. Ella Mae has had her Awakening later than her mom and aunts—hey had almost given up on her becoming on of them.
The story is rife with relationships that are not what they seem, paranormal adventures, the need for someone to sacrifice herself to the Lady of the Ash (an evil presence clothed in normal clothes and role), a death, and a deep emotional/romantic attachment to a handsome man who her aunts say is not good for her (who knows why?).

Even though she's a newcomer to town, Ella Mae, a gifted baker of pies, is invited to cater a wedding that will cement her reputation. When a member of the community dies, she has to prove that her pies didn't contain a deadly ingredient. In the course of preparing to defend herself, gun-toting aunt Reba makes sure she is a crack shot and supplies her with a needed weapon. Reba is feisty and funny and takes no prisoners.

This is an enjoyable Southern cozy set in the mountains of northwest Georgia.  A few pie recipes are included which sweeten the tangy book.

—Dian Esterly
FTC Disclosure — This book was provided by the publisher.

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