Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Women's MYSTERY Month - Contest Too!

This March, as part of Women's History Month, the celebration of heroines who have changed history, we're also celebrating Women's Mystery Month, paying homage to the women writers who are as tough as their detectives.

Open Road Integrated Media has a great video mash-up of interviews featuring several bestselling women authors, including Laura Lippman, Anne Perry, Jane Langton, Susan Dunlap, and Susan Isaacs, who speak about breaking into the male-dominated and previously considered "unladylike" mystery and crime genres.

They have a Women's Mystery Month page where you can explore a list of participating authors and titles.

I just got back from our Eva Perry Library in Apex where Librarian Lynn Wolfgram and I gave a short program on women mystery writers from the Golden Age to the New Golden Age. I've got copies of some new mysteries written by women to send to posters to Meritorious Mysteries. Post a comment or factoid about one of your favorite female mystery writer and I'll announce a couple of winners every Friday (or thereabouts) in March. Watch to see if you're a winner, then email me with your snail mail. Please don't email UNLESS you've been listed as a winner. Thanks.


Julie said...

What a wonderful celebration! One of my favorites (and a favorite of millions, to be sure) is Agatha Christie. A fact I read: Hercule Poirot was so beloved that, upon his "death," his obituary was given a full page in the New York Times.

Judy Dee said...

Agatha's taken :) so I'll go with Camille Minichino/Margaret Grace/ Ada Madison. I always get an education and she always draws me to the neighborhoods she's in. She got me to look at periodic element tables like never before and we both love miniatures so that was easy. I never get distracted by off-color words which wastes my time solving the mystery.